Background: The PopART for Youth (P-ART-Y) study aims to evaluate the acceptability and uptake of a community-level combination HIV prevention package among young people, including UTT. The study is nested within the HPTN071 (PopART) trial, a 3-arm randomized study in 21 communities in Zambia and South Africa. It''s delivered through a door-to-door approach by Community HIV-care Providers (CHiPs). HIV prevalence is low among 10-14 year olds, hence to prioritise HCT, a screening tool was used to identify those at risk of being HIV-infected.
Methods: Adolescents contacted at home were offered participation in the PopART intervention. Data were recorded electronically by CHiPs during household visits. For the 10-14 year olds, a screening tool developed and validated elsewhere was used to identify those at risk of being HIV-infected. Screening questions were history of hospital admission; recurring skin problems; poor health in last 3 months; and death of one or both natural parents. A “yes” response to ≥1 question was considered as an HIV infection suspect (“at risk”). We present findings from Zambia for the period, October 2015-August 2016.
Results: A total of 32,220 adolescents aged 10-14 years were enumerated; 56.0%(n=18,040) participated in the intervention and had their health data recorded (Figure 1). 12.1%(n=2,181) were “at risk”. In the at risk group, 4.4%(96/2,181) self-reported as HIV+ compared with 0.5%(74/15,859) in the not at risk group. Among those who did not self-report HIV+, uptake of testing was 69.5%(1,449/2,085) and 49.1%(7,755/15,785) in the “at risk” and “not at risk” groups respectively. HIV prevalence among those tested was 2.4%(35/2,085) in the at risk group, compared with 0.6%(44/7,755) in the not at risk group.
Conclusions: The screening tool identified adolescents in the general population who are at relatively high risk of being HIV-infected, this can be exploited to allow targeted offer of HCT in resource limited settings.

Screening Tool Flow Chart
[Screening Tool Flow Chart]

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